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MidKidCrew + Mama

MidKidCrew + Mama

I am a mama to four littles and life stays busy. You can follow us at @midkidcrew on Instagram for pictures and updates. We call the Midwest home and love spending time together as a family. I work mostly from home as a marketer and freelance writer, creating blog posts for companies. My husband teaches, coaches football and just finished his masters.

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My husband and I met in college and got married a year after graduation. Our kids are all 18-21 months apart, which has been a ton of fun. If Kniya is my sharp little mini, then Kaleb is the spitting image of his dad in personality and looks (just a few shades lighter). Kam is a total sweetheart and a bruiser — he’s been off the growth charts from the first checkup on. Klay is my sweet baby and growing way too fast already.

I really can’t think of anything more rewarding or worth pouring time, money and energy into than family life.