Baby #4: It’s a Boy!

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One month ago we found out gender for this fourth baby – a boy! I have to say, I was hoping for a girl because I keep seeing so many newborn girl things I desperately want an excuse to buy. However, luckily for my husband and our bank account, I have far more hand-me-downs ready for this little guy. The due date is March 7, which means I should probably just plan on some time mid-March. So far, all three of the older ones were induced. Kniya was induced 2 weeks late, Kaleb was induced a week early (I wanted to stay as far away from a Christmas birthday as possible and he was due December 18) and Kamden was induced a week late.

Being Induced Sucks

There are far worse problems and complications in pregnancy, but having to be induced is still no fun. I highly recommend waiting as long as possible to see if you go into spontaneous labor. Of course, most doctors only let you go so long before they want to induce labor because the baby can start to lose nutrients at a certain point. When they induce you, the process is pretty long and boring. When you start to get uncomfortable, you have to still stay connected to monitors that make sure the baby is not being overly stressed. It is hard to get relief from the contractions when they start to get uncomfortable, because you have to keep getting a steady read on the baby’s heartbeat. I’ve been fortunate in that my epidurals went well and we didn’t have any real complications. Still, I’m really hoping this one won’t need to be induced.

baby boy announcement gender reveal flatlay little one ultrasound family planning new addition 2018 infant motherhood blog new mom expecting

Choosing a Baby Boy Name

I think picking baby names are hard. I often look at lists based on name origin and first letter. My husband wanted all K names and after getting kind of roped into the first two, I was bound and determined to go with any other letter for baby #3. However, the name we picked out as our top contender (Amari) just didn’t fit when the baby came. The name Kamden came to me after he was born and I couldn’t shake it as fitting him perfectly. It had never been on our lists and my husband was only too happy to keep with the K trend. So, this being another boy, I feel obligated to find a K name. So far Klay is our top choice, but I’m not totally sold on it…yet. Other boy names  we’ve previously considered (all K names were not my idea):

  • Malachi (my favorite, Knick hated it)
  • Karmello
  • Ezekial
  • Zechariah
  • Knoah (I vetoed this immediately)
  • Knickson (Also vetoed this…because..ew.)
  • Hezekiah (Knick vetoed this immediately)
  • Andre
  • Amari
  • Micaiah
  • Azariah
  • Drew
  • Klay

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