Alphabet Flash Card Game for Kindergarten or First Grade

We are going to be heading back to school next week! While we didn’t take the summer off completely, little brains get a bit rusty and some back-to-school learning games are a good way to get the wheels turning again. These adorable flash cards from Habitat School House are sturdy and exactly what I needed for this exercise. Each card has simple letters with the upper and lower case letter on each side.

alphabet flash cards for pre-k or kindergarten

First we ran through the letter names just to make sure she remembered all of them. Then we did the sounds. Kniya is going to be going to Kindergarten this year, even though she really did it last year at home. We wanted her to be 18 when she graduates and not 17, though with her June birthday, it’s kind of a grey area.

alphabet letter flash cards with upper and lower case

Back to School Spelling Game for Kindergarten or First Grade

After running through the names and sounds I had her make a word with the cards. This was easy enough, but to make it harder I had her keep making words with the remaining letters. Starting with a vowel and consonant of her choice, she would sound them together and see what should be added in front or behind to make it a word. It was tricky, but she got quite a few words.

alphabet game for kindergarten or first grade - back-to-school prep and school learning activities
learning letter spelling games for kindergarten or first grade

We will be doing this a few more times and see what else she comes up with! What are your favorite back-to-school games?

flash cards for pre-k or kindergarten - spelling games for little learners and early literacy

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