What Does My Life Say About Me?

I used to really dislike working out. It was hard and boring. I only enjoyed exercise if distracted or spurred by competition.

I’ve found that as a mom, working out is actually relaxing. Our gym has a child care area that is amazing and keeps the kids entertained. I can take time for myself to shower without interruption and the workouts are invigorating. The more I work out, the more energy I have later.

But not just any workouts are good for me. I don’t like running or anything hard on my joints. I do like weightlifting, yoga and the row machine. I often take classes for free at the gym because I am motivated by group competition. I’ve also found that I enjoy multitasking my time by listening to a podcast or audio book over music.

UnF*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop Audible book – Reading list and motivational reads – wireless Powerbeats for the multitasking gym workout session

My husband decided UnF*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop seemed like an interesting read. He downloaded it on our Audible account and I recently decided to start it at the gym. It was the perfect read for motivation while working out.

What am I Willing or Not Willing to Do?

Of course, while working out I’m usually focused on the things I want to change about myself. Recently, by New Year’s Eve I choose a focus to change throughout the year. Last year my focus was on being more timely and not letting my kids be an excuse. This year, I’m want to lose weight and be healthier – though I knew this wouldn’t be in full effect until Klay was born.

Chapter 2 in UnF*ck Yourself was all about putting your choices into perspective. “You have the life you are willing to put up with.” Some things you are willing to do, while others you are unwilling to put up with. By naming those things, you can help yourself change perspective.

I struggle with wanting to drink soda and then trying to cut myself off for health reasons. This chapter made me put that into perspective. I’m not willing to put those garbage chemicals in my body. I may be feel willing to drink that excess sugar, but am I willing to feel uncomfortable about my weight? If I’m trying to be healthier, then I have to realize what I am actually giving up when I choose to eat or drink things that are unhealthy.

personal development and self help - learning to live better every year as a mother - goal setting and parenting wins

What are you willing to do? If that doesn’t empower you, then ask what are you unwilling to do? State it in your mind and you will find that your struggles are easier.

Maybe you are willing to spend a little over budget, but think about the stress you face when you are short for bills or facing money issues next month – areyou willing to do that? Whatever your problem, think of the way you need to state it in your mind so that you realize the full weight of your choice.

  • I am willing to pack up the kids and then struggle through a workout; I am unwilling to feel like I can’t keep up with my toddlers or I don’t want to get in front of the camera.
  • I am willing to forego soda; I am unwilling to battle my weight with harder workouts and stricter eating just because I don’t want to give up soda.
  • I am willing to leave earlier and try to pack in less; I am unwilling to make people wait while I run late and feel badly about wasting someone’s time.

Do you see how it works? Try it on your own struggles and see if you can put it in a different perspective. After all, you will win at the life you subconsciously want.

You Are Winning – So, is that a Good Thing?

“The truth is you’re winning at the life you have. But what if I don’t want this life? Fine, but this is the one you’re currently winning at.”

In Chapter 3, Bishop explains that you are built to win. So, whatever life you are living is the one you’ve subconsciously decided you want to live. A lot of our life is lived on a type of autopilot, so we need to determine what is driving our choices.

I’m still reading through the book, but I highly recommend his motivational way of thinking. There are quite a few choice words in it (as suggested by the title), so readers be warned. If you are on a mission to better understand your drive and change your actions, then you will want to try out this book.

Of course, reading it while at the gym makes you feel better about yourself and the choice you are already making.

personal development and self help - learning to live better every year as a mother - goal setting and parenting wins


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