It’s a Hard Mom Life

Oh child. Someday you will move mountains, for you are a force to be reckoned with.

  • Climbed into his brother’s crib after waking up.
  • Placed his (mostly empty) oatmeal bowl on his head as a hat.
  • Absent mindedly wiped his snotty nose on the shirt I was photographing.
  • Threw away a whole role of half-wet toilet paper he dropped in the toilet while blowing his nose (as if I wouldn’t notice it in the trash basket).
  • Balenced on one leg while trying to put his foot in the baby’s face.
  • Played cars on his belly with one leg on the track so his brother couldn’t play on the half behind him.
  • Buckled himself into his sister’s seat and got stuck.
  • Buckled himself into the grocery cart and got stuck.

And those were just the handful I wrote down before lunch.

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